About Us

Who Are We?

Lavenders – Cakes, Bakes & Savouries, a charming, independent bakery that has been delighting taste buds since its establishment in 2021. With a lifelong passion for cooking and baking, I take immense pride in crafting delectable sweet treats, baked goods, and savoury delights for all to enjoy.

Every single cake and savoury treat from Lavenders is infused with love and meticulous care. Each creation is lovingly handcrafted, exemplifying the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into every bite. Feel free to explore the Cakes, Bakes & Savouries page for a glimpse of these culinary masterpieces.

At Lavenders, we prioritize freshness and quality by exclusively utilizing fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Each item is baked to order, ensuring that you experience the ultimate freshness and flavor in every bite. Whether you prefer traditional recipes that evoke a sense of nostalgia or modern twists that tantalize your taste buds, our extensive selection of offerings caters to your desires. Indulge in a wide array of delectable options, including quiches, sausage rolls, Scotch eggs, and more, if you crave something savoury. For those with a sweet tooth, our online gallery showcases an enticing range of cakes, cupcakes, tarts, cheesecakes, fruit pies, tray-bakes, cookies, scones, and much more.

Throughout the year, Lavenders surprises its patrons with seasonal delights that capture the essence of each occasion. Additionally, I happily invite you to reach out to create a bespoke cake that fulfills your dreams for that special celebration. Together, we can collaborate on a design that aligns perfectly with your specific requirements.

Did you have something in mind that isn’t on our list? Simply let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. So, what are you waiting for?

Why Choose Us?

Here at Lavenders – Cakes, Bakes & Savouries, we believe there are numerous reasons why discerning customers should choose us as their go-to bakery. One of our key distinguishing factors is our unwavering commitment to maintaining excellent hygiene standards.

We understand that food safety and cleanliness are of paramount importance when it comes to enjoying delectable treats. That’s why we adhere to rigorous hygiene practices at every stage of our baking process. From the moment we source our ingredients to the final packaging of our products, we prioritize cleanliness and food safety protocols.

Our bakery is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness. We strictly follow all local health and safety regulations, ensuring that every item is prepared in a clean and sanitized environment. By employing robust hygiene practices, we guarantee that each delicious creation from Lavenders is prepared with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Moreover, our team members are well-trained in food handling and hygiene procedures. They are knowledgeable about best practices and maintain strict adherence to proper handwashing, sanitization, and personal hygiene. This ensures that the food we serve is not only scrumptious but also safe for consumption.

At Lavenders, we are proud to have established a reputation for maintaining exceptional hygiene standards. Our customers can have complete peace of mind, knowing that every bite they take is prepared in a clean and sanitized environment.

In addition to our strong emphasis on hygiene, we offer an unparalleled culinary experience. Our commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients ensures that each treat bursts with flavor and quality. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that go into our handcrafted creations guarantee a truly delightful experience for your taste buds.

Last but not least, our dedication to exceptional customer service sets us apart. We value each and every customer, and we strive to ensure that your experience with Lavenders is nothing short of outstanding. We are always here to answer any questions, accommodate special requests, or assist in creating bespoke cakes for your special occasions.